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Baby Toddler Soft Bottom Shoes

Baby Toddler Soft Bottom Shoes

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Product information

Package size: 180 x 230 x 50mm

Material: Cloth

Upper material: fabric

Craft: embroidery

Wearing style: sleeve/ overshoe

Colors: Black, Yellow, Pink, Red, Grey

Product description

Introducing our Soft Sole Baby Shoes – crafted for your little one's comfort and safety. Designed for modern parents, these shoes feature a hassle-free on/off mechanism for easy use. With a focus on breathability, they keep tiny feet cool and dry. The non-slip sole ensures stability on various surfaces, promoting secure initial strides. Our shoes provide essential support, fostering balance and coordination during this crucial developmental phase. Elevate your child's first steps with the epitome of care in our Soft Sole Baby Shoes – a fusion of comfort, convenience, and safety.

Size Guide

Size information:

  • 14 yards / inner length 12cm
  • 15 yards / inner length 12.5cm
  • 16 yards / inner length 13cm
  • 17 yards / inner length 13.5cm
  • 18 yards / inner length 14cm
  • 19 yards / inner length 14.5cm
  • 20 yards / inner length 15 cm
  • 21 yards / inner length 15.5cm
  • 22 yards / inner length 16cm
  • 23 yards / inner length 16.5cm

Included Items

One Pair of shoes

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Our baby shoes may not be explicitly water-resistant, but rest assured, they are designed to withstand moisture without compromising their durability. Even if they get wet, these shoes won't break, ensuring your baby's comfort and safety in various conditions.


Our baby shoes are designed with elasticity, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for your little one. The resilient materials make them durable and resistant to breakage, providing both flexibility and durability for your baby's active adventures.

Solid Traction

Our Soft Sole Baby Shoes feature an advanced anti-slip sole, meticulously designed to provide optimal traction and prevent slipping. Crafted with precision, this specialized sole ensures a secure grip on various surfaces, allowing your little one to explore safely and confidently with each step.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Satisfied :)

Im completely satisfied with this shoe. It fits and is easy to put on.


These baby shoes are adorable, ideal for little feet. it's worth noting that the color may fade slightly if washed incorrectly, so I recommend a gentle wash. Overall, they're a good choice.


Very adorable and easy to put on:)


I am totally satisfied. My baby really likes these shoes .

Latifa bint mohamed
Great shoes

I just bought these Shoes for my kid, and he loves them and he goes nowhere without them